Why Are B2B Companies Moving Inside Sales To The Marketing Department? – Demand Gen Report

If an organization is large enough, to the point where it has distinct marketing, inside sales and external sales teams, then it may make sense to have inside sales live within the marketing department. This is great for a sales team that needs to qualify leads and prioritize those that are more likely to engage. But it’s also a big step forward for B2B marketers.

Making inside sales part of marketing could provide marketers better ability to measure their work, opening the door to accountable revenue metrics.  You can’t do revenue marketing if you don’t have resources following up on the demand that is being created by marketing.  There will always be a natural, unintentional lack of accountability if marketing has no control over sorting through the demand or resulting disposition of the leads to measure its effectiveness.


How SaaS Companies Can Project Monthly Revenue Using NPS – Retently

Monthly recurring revenue, or MRR, can be notoriously difficult to calculate accurately. As customers join and cancel, projecting your monthly recurring revenue for two, three or six months into the future can be a serious challenge, even for the most data-focused businesses. Add upgrades, downgrades and discounts into the picture and staying on top of…