Solving the SDR to AE Handoff Once and For All | Sales Hacker

Over the past few months, I’ve been constantly talking to VPs of Sales, SDR leaders, and SDRs themselves. One constant struggle I hear is the SDR to AE handoff. The problem is mostly centered around accountability, process and compensation. In this article, I’ll analyze the core issues that are deeply rooted within the SDR AE handoff process, and propose a few actionable solutions to address it, along with general best practices to follow.

The AE’s best interest is to keep deal opportunities as long as possible in the “qualifying a prospect” stage because they are not held responsible for those, and it doesn’t affect their close rates or perception of performance. This obviously creates a very unfavorable scenario for SDRs.

SDRs complain that the AEs handling their demos are not as good as other AEs, and that’s why their opportunities aren’t moving forward. The AEs on the other hand complain that the SDRs are just sending unqualified demos and therefore they aren’t on track to hit quota.



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