Study: How 4 Highly Profitable SaaS Companies Market to Enterprises | Process Street

Are you ready to market your SaaS product to enterprises? Do you know what makes or breaks a million dollar deal? There’s a huge segment of SaaS companies that target only SMBs, and an increasingly well-funded bunch that go after the enterprise market from the outset. Some, like Dropbox, Asana, and HubSpot, have gradually scaled their products to meet the needs of enterprise customers. By looking at their enterprise-specific landing pages, we can isolate the key factors these companies have chosen to persuade enterprises, and find out what works. After all, billion dollar companies aren’t making shots in the dark when it comes to their marketing decisions. I also examine Box’s landing page, a company that pivoted to serve the enterprise market early on. Attracting enterprises has been a recent consideration for Process Street, which is partially why I decided to look into the methods successful SaaS companies use to attract more enterprise customers. The buying process for SMBs and

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