Technographics Moves Your Selling and Marketing Strategies Beyond Just the Who – MarTech Advisor

Technographics is about understanding a company’s tech stack. And that goes beyond the outward-facing tech tools used to manage websites and marketing automation. That so-called digital exhaust is relatively easy to pick up, but it doesn’t shed light on all the core technologies used to run the business – the systems of record that form the backbone for virtually all-important operations.
In addition to providing information on a company’s tech stack, technographics also help identify other important insights such as when a particular technology might have been purchased, how long it’s been in use, and where it is being used.
Your competitive sweet spot is where firmographics and demographics intersect with technographics , helping you identify your best-selling opportunities—whether you’re offering a compatible or competitive solution. To your customers and prospects, this means you’re no longer pushing hit-or-miss messages at them. Rather, you’re able to build proactive, results-oriented messages and solutions from the grassroots up in response to your understanding of their real needs.

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