Industry Insight: New Technologies Will Disrupt Marketing Automation – PC Mag

PCMag: Where do you think AI and ML will take MA over the next five years? What new features and opportunities will they give marketers?


Michelle Huff of Act-On: ML will act as marketers’ co-pilot in their decision making and campaign execution process. AI will influence when, what, and where to engage with buyers and customers, predetermined by ML that can consume, digest, and compute mounds of data and turn it into actionable triggers and marketing activities. Essentially being able to predict and tailor outreach down to the best message, at the perfect time, and across the ideal communication channel.

AI will build on the foundation MA provides—a centralized engine for tracking, scoring, measuring, connecting, and learning from interactions with prospects and customers—and, ultimately, will give its users a way to anticipate and adapt engagement to their buyers’ behaviors and actions.

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